General Lot Description

What makes our campground unique is that our lots measure on average 50’ wide by 100’ deep, making them substantially larger when compared to typical RV lots.

All our sites have been uniquely designed to maximize the distance between neighbouring RVs. Our ultimate goal is to increase your personal space in order to create a more enjoyable and peaceful experience.

Sites Divided by Camper Length

24 feet

Lot #13

25 feet

Lot #7, #8, #10, #14, #16, #21

30 feet

Lot #15, #18

32 feet

Lot #5

35 feet

Lot #4, #11, #20

36 feet

Lot #2, #9, #12

40 feet

Lot #1, #3, #6, #19

45 feet

Lot #17

Services & Equipment supplied
to our guests

All our sites are fully serviced with water, sewer and electricity.

Water & Sewer

Every lot is equipped with a frost-free water faucet and its own dedicated underground sewer pipe.


In order to accommodate tent trailers and camper vans, we now offer separate washrooms, shower and dish washing area.


All our sites are equipped with a 30-amp electrical panel which includes on-site breakers as well as electrical outlets.

Picnic tables

All lots feature an 8’ long cedar picnic table.

Fire pits

Every site is equipped with a metal fire pit/stove.

Community fire pit and picnic table

Additional cedar picnic tables, fire pits and cedar benches are strategically located throughout the park’s common areas so our guests can enjoy different views of the river.


We offer a coin-operated washer/dryer located in the campground service building.


The campground’s commercial garbage container is emptied on a regular basis. It is located at the corner of Cook Lane and Waterview Lane near our ATV & boat trailer parking.

Park Layout

Park layout

Access to Southwest
Miramichi River

Since Natures Nest is located within the village limits of Blackville, our campers have access to their beautiful municipal park, located on the banks of the Southwest Miramichi River. This park is located approximately 5 km from our campground and features various picnic sites and sitting areas that offer stunning views of the river.

In addition to their children’s playground and large parking areas, the park also offers a boat ramp from where campers can securely access the Southwest Miramichi river.

Since this park is considered to be an important central point, it can easily become your departure and arrival point for all your fishing, boating, and ATV adventures.

Park Policies

Our common courtesy policies are in place for the benefit and safety of all guests and visitors.

Speed Limit

Our campground has a maximum speed limit of 15 km/hour. A good rule of thumb: if your foot is off the brake, you are driving over the speed limit.

Vehicle Parking

For public safety reasons, no vehicles are allowed to be parked on the streets.

Pets are welcome

All pets must be on a leash at all times. No pets are to be tied outside and/or left unsupervised. Owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pets and properly disposing of waste in the garbage bin. Pets must be kept quiet so as to avoid becoming a nuisance to other campers.


Fires are only permitted in the campsite’s dedicated fire pits/stoves or the community fire pit. All campers must comply with municipal and provincial campfire advisory conditions. Forest Fire Watch. No fire must ever be left unattended. Fires must be extinguished with water before you leave. Only seasoned hardwood may be burned.
In accordance with CFIA regulations to control the spread of harmful insects, campers may only bring and use wood grown and harvested in NB.
Firewood is made available to campers for a reasonable fee.

Leased sites

All lessees must carry full insurance coverage on their RVs and personal property. Lessees are also responsible for the behaviour of their guests and to ensure that they follow campground policies.


Lessees may not rent out or sublet their sites and/or campers without prior written approval from campground management.

Site upkeep

Lessees are responsible for keeping their sites in a clean and tidy state, free of debris or garbage of any kind. Household garbage must never be left outside at any time. To avoid attracting unsuspecting wildlife, all garbage must be immediately disposed of in the commercial metal garbage box located near the parking lot at the corner of Cook Lane and Waterview lane.


All-terrain vehicles are not allowed to drive on the campground streets except when leaving or arriving from the ATV trails which are located outside the campground. ATVs are to be parked and stored in their dedicated trailer when not in use.

ATVs and boat trailers

ATV and boat trailers belonging to our campers are to be stored in the dedicated parking lot on the corner of Cook Lane and Waterview Lane.

Quiet time

Out of respect for your fellow campers, please avoid loud music or making excessive noise during the day. Quiet time is from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.


To prevent forest fires and excessive noise, fireworks are not permitted on the campground property.

Lawn mowing and grounds maintenance

Lawncare and maintenance are the responsibility of the campground staff.

Site improvements

Site improvements such as decks and other constructions are permitted only with prior approval from management and solely at the expense of the lessee.

Moving camper units onto or off the property

To avoid traffic congestion, all campers moving out of the park must do so before 11:00 am. All incoming camper units must move in after 3:00 p.m.

All tenants shall be mindful that the property is privately owned

Tenants accept camping privileges with the understanding that they hereby release the campground owners of all liability for the tenants’ property damage or bodily injury arising from their use of the campground facilities. Tenants further agree to indemnify the landlord against any claim resulting from property damage or bodily injury incurred by them, their family or guests arising from their use of the camping facilities.

The campground owners are not responsible for any damage, vandalism or theft of the tenants’ personal properties.

Cancelation policy

Cancellations received 7 days prior to check-in time will be subject to a full refund.

Campers cancelling their reservation up to 48 hours prior to check-in time will receive a 50% refund.

Reservations cancelled less than 48 hours prior to check-in time are non refundable.

The non-respect of our common courtesy policies could result in you having to remove your RV from the premises without reimbursement.